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Test Plan for Child Workspace SRC680/gh13

This CWS contains the new VCL TestTool application. See for an overview


  • CWS Owner GH
  • CWS QA Rep. TBO
  • CWS is based on SRC680m201, so qa/qatesttool CVS HEAD should be used
  • Full installation sets and patches for StarOffice are available

Test strategy

The test modules will be run on different environments and platforms to be sure that this good combination avoid regressions. You have to use the VCL TestTool application from CWS gh13 - for internal use I copied to the usual place.




We have started the testing activities on 02-Jan-07 and want to have finished this CWS on 30-MAR-07. Because of #i75602 the finish date moved to 20.04.2007. Nominated on 26.04.2007.

Test Matrix

Language ISO 12 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
English en_us Linux x86 Patchset (MSC) Win 2003 Patchset (OC/JSI) Win XP Patchset (JSK/TBO) Solaris SPARC Patchset (FHA) Linux x86 Installset (TBO) Linux x86 Patchset (HDE) Solaris SPARC Patchset JSI)
Platform (User) being tested by Sun Microsystems
Platform (User) Approved by Sun Microsystem on StarOffice build



  • Currently known issues, not related to this CWS are listed at VCLTestToolIssues
  • Please take a close look, if your test fails at .typeKeys or mouse actions, because PostKeyEvents is set per default
  • 'Enable TreeListBox controls with more than one column'
  Here you might need to change your script;
  Unfortunately written before OOo exits, so see internal issue 112775
  Example of a change:
  • Command setControlType is deprecated and not needed anymore - therefore you get an qaErrorLog if you call it.
 But you can't remove it right now, since it is not backwards compatible - just ignore the warning.
  • .setText(Argument) needs realy text as Argument. if Argument would be just an integer it is not automatical converted to a string - it is just ignored.
  • Compare works now ;-): Dim i as integer: i=21223: (Something.getText <> i) was formerly always FALSE, now it works and the i is automatically converted to string, as if cStr(i) would have been used.
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