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=== The C++ Stnadard Template Library (STL) ===
=== The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) ===
''Use and pitfalls of the C++ STL.''
''Use and pitfalls of the C++ STL.''

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The C++ Standard Template Library (STL)

Use and pitfalls of the C++ STL.

Prefer STL Containers (Cont)

Use STL containers instead of self-made types. In particular, use std::vector instead of Sv*Arrays, std::vector (or in very rare cases std::list) instead of DECLARE_LIST etc.
Use std::vector (or an appropriate string class) instead of C-arrays, if there is the slightest chance the array length may ever become variable.
In most cases vector is the best choice for a container.
You can use vector (and the c_str() function of string classes) to exchange data with non-C++ APIs.
-> Details

Erasing Container Memory (EraseMem)

Use the standard idiom to shrink the memory footprint of STL containers. -> Details

Pure Predicates (PurePred)

Make predicates pure functions, when used in STL algorithms. -> Details

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