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Class Construction, Destruction and Copying (CLSINIT)

Special issues of constructors, copying and destructors.

No Virtual Calls in Constructor or Destructor (NoVirt)

Don't call your own class' virtual functions in a constructor or destructor. -> Details

Constructor Initialization Section (InitSect)

Use the constructors initialization section to initialize your members. Details >

Obvious Copyability (ObvCopy)

Make it obvious, if the class is intended to be copied. Forbid copying otherwise. Details >

Copy and Assign Consistently (CopyAssign)

Declare copy and assignment operators consistently – either both, or none. Details >

Related Rules

No Implicit Conversions -> CLSDESIGN:NoConv

Which Functions Never Fail -> ERR:NoFail

Right Destructor -> VIRTUAL:RightDestr

Safe Copying -> VIRTUAL:SafeCopy

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