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| |Contribution||Contributor||Contact||Copyright
| |Contribution||Contributor||Contact||Copyright

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Contribution Contributor Contact Copyright
Original Author Serge Moutou Serge Moutou (Home)Serge Moutou (Work) 2004
Help to start Danny Brewer DannyB in OOoForum 2004
Reformatting and language Andrew Pitonyak Andrew Pitoniak 2004
Reformatting and language Christian Junker Christian Junker 2004
Help to start Niall Dorgan redrgreen in OOoForum 2004
Help on event listener Emmanuel GUY manuguy in OOoForum 2004
Help on Run Time Dialog Box GAP ( INDIA ) gap82 in OOoForum 2005
Reformatting and language Aditya Kumar Pandey adipan in OOoForum 2005
VC++.NET tutorial Lars Behrmann LarsB in OOoForum 2005
bookmarks Robert MEAILLE foster06 in OOoForum 2005
improving VC++.NET tutorial François Rossignol _francois_ in OOoForum 2005
Add-in chapter Eric Ehlers eric_1234 in OOoForum 2005

I want first thank all the contributors given above and probably many others.

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