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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



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IRC Log 2010-09-23

  • Location: IRC

Council Members


  • Christoph Noack (christoph_n)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • Charles-H. Schulz (southerncross__)
  • Matthias Hütsch (mhu)
  • Jürgen Schmidt (jsc)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)


  • Andreas Bartel (Andreas_UX)
  • Louis Suárez-Potts
  • Olivier Hallot (olivierhallot)
  • Eike Rathke (erAck)


Times are in CEST (UTC+2)

(20:45:43) christoph_n: Okay, guys, do we want to start?
(20:45:50) jsc: do we have any official descendant
(20:46:01) jsc: you was faster ;-) i think we shoudl
(20:46:42) CorNouws: ok
(20:46:46) jsc: well we have no real minutes from our meeting in Budapest
(20:47:12) christoph_n: For the next 40 min (or less), I can offer to mimic the moderator ... may I?
(20:47:29) jsc: go ahead
(20:47:40) ***mhu wonders what he might have missed from the meeting in Budapest. Anything I should know?
(20:48:14) christoph_n: mhu: I think it was rather a social meeting with interesting discussions. So I am not aware of anything so important be be called "missed"? Or am I wrong, anybody?
(20:49:20) jsc: no, you missed nothing. I would agree to Christoph.
(20:49:33) christoph_n: Okay, the agenda of the last IRC meeting can be found here:
(20:49:36) mhu: thanks, christoph_n, jsc
(20:50:01) christoph_n: Item 0: List of Action Items of previous meeting for approval
(20:50:28) christoph_n: Since we just mentioned that there are no minutes / list of actions, please approve the current ones. Or better, raise your hand if not.
(20:51:05) christoph_n: (counting *g*)
(20:51:12) christoph_n: Item 2010-03-04#2: Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes
(20:51:14) CorNouws: [hands still down]
(20:51:36) christoph_n: Since Louis seems not available, I propose to skip that item.
(20:52:15) CorNouws: sorry, unless our meeting in Budapest, I'm finished with poking LSP
(20:52:17) christoph_n: mhu: We had a discussion concerning the rather old tasks in our list (and in general)
(20:52:48) mhu: okay
(20:53:11) christoph_n: Well Cor, you have been faster. Louis (for example) asked for being poked officially in such a case.
(20:53:50) christoph_n: Anybody who wants to comment?
(20:54:07) christoph_n: Item 2010-03-04#3: Publicize the open slot at the start of the CC meetings
(20:54:24) jsc: no not at the moment. We should continue with poking ... at least until the next meeting
(20:54:51) jsc: ok it's mine and i think it's done and can be removed
(20:54:58) christoph_n: Jürgen, I saw the Q&A dates in the calendar. Thanks for that! Yep, can be removed ...
(20:55:16) jsc: the next public part will be in front of our next meeting
(20:55:38) christoph_n: I'll be happy to be poked ;-)
(20:55:58) christoph_n: Item 2010-03-04#6: Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit
(20:56:13) CorNouws: no change, afaiac
(20:56:14) christoph_n: Cor, nothing new, I assume. Skip it?
(20:56:28) ***CorNouws me is still faster
(20:56:40) ***christoph_n looks better ;-)
(20:57:00) christoph_n: Item 2010-04-01#7: Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter
(20:57:18) christoph_n: Charles, something we marked "done" in Budapest ... or?
(20:57:27) southerncross__: yes
(20:57:43) southerncross__: it will now follow a normal "inter-project" process.
(20:57:47) southerncross__: no need to interfere....
(20:57:54) christoph_n: ... or support ;-)
(20:58:02) southerncross__: yes.
(20:58:28) christoph_n: Okay, then let's remove it from the list. (The list gets damn short)
(20:58:28) ***jsc is enjoying a tasty whisky -> The Dalmore, 15 years old, sorry guys ;-)
(20:58:56) christoph_n: Golf, Whisky ... I seem to have the wrong job ;-)
(20:59:26) jsc: job? you do the wrong things in your spare time
(20:59:47) christoph_n: bye bye (just kidding)
(20:59:48) CorNouws: christoph_n: how does he know ;-)
(21:00:10) christoph_n: CorNouws: Inter-webcam access ...
(21:00:34) CorNouws: BTW: no news from Eike?
(21:00:56) jsc: i assume he forgot it. He is at least back from sailing
(21:01:21) christoph_n: (Golf, Whisky, Sailing, ...)
(21:01:27) jsc: oh, please don't get a wrong picture from us guys in HH
(21:01:35) CorNouws: and Andreas?
(21:01:54) CorNouws: Whisky or beer :-)
(21:02:06) jsc: wine tasting
(21:02:11) CorNouws: jsc: already too late ;-)
(21:02:11) christoph_n: Don't know ... I asked concerning the ODF icons some days ago. He should be aware ...
(21:02:41) ***christoph_n thinks Cor does some "mind-reading"
(21:03:06) christoph_n: Guys, there are items left ...
(21:03:06) christoph_n: Item 2010-04-01#1: Community situation
(21:03:43) CorNouws: ugh ... Stefan and I talked about at least our takst while drinking some nice cofee in Budapest
(21:04:01) christoph_n: So how was it, both the coffee and the talk?
(21:04:10) CorNouws: s/takst/task
(21:04:26) ***christoph_n thinks Cor needs an even faster keyboard
(21:04:36) CorNouws: bit double feelings, afaiac
(21:04:40) jsc: in general i noticed some suspect silence and i am thinking about it
(21:05:04) CorNouws: we started long time ago bit frustrated but in good mood - now I have the feeling it has all taken too long :-(
(21:05:05) christoph_n: I'm sure you are referring to 2010-04-29#2 ;-)
(21:05:48) christoph_n: Cor, so what to do? Is there anything we - being the other CC members - can do?
(21:05:51) CorNouws: christoph_n: no, pls see the latest comment at #1
(21:06:12) CorNouws: see, pls see the latest comment at #1 ;-)
(21:06:21) stx12: no, CorNouws isn't; there is a plan in the wiki now CorNouws is refering to.
(21:07:14) christoph_n: (reading)
(21:07:24) ***mhu thinks, the new plan in wiki is at least a way the we can go to improve
(21:07:39) stx12: christoph_n: you may want to read over the page we finalized during coffee
(21:08:44) ***stx12 thought of offline-readibng...
(21:08:58) jsc: would have been nice to get the pointer a little bit earlier -> draft from 93., 21.9 -> last update AI 12.8
(21:09:37) ***jsc have to read more careful
(21:09:39) stx12: jsc: see the history of the document; earlier you have looked at an empty page
(21:09:42) christoph_n: Mmmh, looks good to me. Although I don't think that "anonymity" is possible ... but however, it is a plan.
(21:10:48) christoph_n: The point is, when referring to the management, is there "commitment" concerning these steps? How "open" are they for discussion ... and who is the management in such a case.
(21:11:13) CorNouws: mhu: yes, initially, but having learned a bit more about backgrounds of some situations, while drinking coffee from different mugs, I am affraid that in the current set up it is inavoidable to run in such nasty, maybe even embarassing situations
(21:11:42) southerncross__: folks: I'll have to leave, sorry....
(21:11:50) christoph_n: Bye!
(21:12:40) southerncross__: bye!
(21:12:42) christoph_n: Cor, Stefan: Before I forget it, thanks for continuing this effort. That's really needed ...
(21:12:47) southerncross__ is weggegaan (quit: Quit: southerncross__).
(21:12:57) mhu: CorNouws: understood; still, the only thing I (or stx12) can do, is to continue to talk to people and talk, and talk, ...
(21:13:36) CorNouws: mhu: I agree and appreciate that very much
(21:13:51) stx12: .. and involve management and ask for the needed commitment
(21:13:53) christoph_n: mhu: I don't really get it ... you mean within the company?
(21:14:05) christoph_n: stx12: Thanks, got it.
christoph_n CorNouws
(21:14:47) mhu: christoph_n: people within the "community" and within companies (being part of that community)
(21:14:49) ***CorNouws stx12 was faster too - did you have enough sleep christoph_n?
(21:15:19) christoph_n: Cor: I have a day job, of course ;-)
(21:15:54) mhu: ...and your day job does not involve OOo, uuuh
(21:15:57) christoph_n: So, sorry for the strange question, what is the intended next step? Direct contacts, mails, internal clarification?
(21:16:14) christoph_n: mhu: But "the other Office" :-)
(21:16:21) mhu: :-)
(21:16:47) stx12: christoph_n: see 1.D Steps
(21:17:07) CorNouws: Let's take a week for further feedback of all cc members, and then stx12 & I can plan steps or so..
(21:17:09) CorNouws: stx12: ?
(21:17:29) christoph_n: stx12, CorNouws: Was also a timing question and has been answered, thanks.
(21:17:31) stx12: CorNouws: fine with me
(21:17:53) christoph_n: Cor: Will you ask for comments on council-discuss? So the others can join the discussion?
(21:18:06) CorNouws: yes, let me do that.
(21:18:28) christoph_n: Great!
(21:18:59) christoph_n: If I can help with something, then please ping me.
(21:19:12) christoph_n: Any other comments here?
(21:20:07) christoph_n: Let's move on to ...
(21:20:12) christoph_n: Item 2010-04-29#2: Missing OOo desktop presence (a.k.a. icons and such stuff)
(21:20:31) christoph_n: Cor, did you recently add the last comment?
(21:20:38) CorNouws: well, you say 'move on' .. that is what should have happened
(21:20:49) CorNouws: yes, two days agoo IIRC
(21:21:05) christoph_n: Okay, I added "nothing new yet" :-)
(21:21:41) christoph_n: Stefan, do you know more? Did something happen in the last days?
(21:22:14) stx12: christoph_n: yes, people are travelling around the world. is this what you where asking for?
(21:22:21) CorNouws: I had a short mail with Rosana last week, while she was busy prepraing for Oracle Open World, so I wouldn't ask too much of her precious time then
(21:23:27) stx12: christoph_n: the real answer is that there is no other update than the reraised importance of the open's on the table...
(21:23:27) ***CorNouws sorry, my comment wasn't mentioned as an intervenrion between you two guys
(21:24:04) christoph_n: Stx12: Okay ...
(21:24:14) jsc: anything else on this AI for today?
(21:24:29) jsc: otherwise i can give a short update on the intership program
(21:24:48) jsc: sorry i forget to put it on the agenda
(21:25:00) christoph_n: Jürgen: I'm sorry, I have to leave. Maybe I'll read on, but I expect a phone call ... sorry!
(21:25:11) mhu: jsc: yes, please do so
(21:25:13) christoph_n: So Jürgen, could you please take the moderator role?
(21:25:27) jsc: yes, should easy ...
(21:25:32) jsc: bye Christoph
(21:25:34) christoph_n: Thanks!!!
(21:26:15) jsc: ok, we planned a mid term evaluation starting September 20th...
(21:27:20) jsc: i asked all mentors to give some feedback about their projects and to give some advice if we should continue or not
(21:27:49) jsc: I also asked the students to give us feedback form their point of view
(21:28:21) jsc: Overall all projects are still running and only once is a little bit difficult
(21:29:12) jsc: At least for this one project the mentor mentioned that he would like to stop this project if there is no significant progress in the next 2-3 weeks
(21:29:25) mhu: so, the mid-term eval is done, and okay, and we can send them the mid-term money?
(21:29:42) mhu: message overlapped ...
(21:29:44) jsc: yes, more or less i will summarize it tomorrow
(21:29:51) mhu: okay, thanks
(21:30:21) CorNouws: jsc: thanks, I thought I swiftly saw most mails, but think I missed the one with the tough, difficult project
(21:30:31) jsc: the other projects are good so far and the feedback from the students was very positive. The mentors did a very good job ...
(21:30:49) jsc: But also the students and i think we will get some good results
(21:31:13) jsc: you missed the feedback from the mentors ;-)
(21:31:46) jsc: the projects is not really bad but more difficult than the others
(21:32:11) jsc: i will prepare a summary for you all.
(21:32:25) CorNouws: I saw at least two report from mentors, I thougt, but thats not so important
(21:32:54) CorNouws: good to see how it works!
(21:32:54) jsc: I think we can pay the mid term payment for all projects and maybe we will stop this one later ...
(21:33:04) ***mhu thinks, we (the mentors) should be a little patient with even difficult students, so that we can get more students next year
(21:33:25) jsc: yes, the good thing is that most of the projects works without to much mentoring work
(21:33:43) mhu: yes that is always best :-)
(21:33:44) jsc: well the mentors have to bother sometimes for some updates but overall the projects work
(21:33:54) CorNouws: patient yes, too weak no - we've seen more than enough enthusiastic apliants
(21:34:18) mhu: ah, yes, of course, I should not forget that
(21:34:35) CorNouws: mhu: ;-)
(21:34:41) mhu: ...and xyes, we should not be week
(21:34:47) mhu: s/week/weak/
(21:34:56) mhu: s/xyes/yes/
(21:35:01) CorNouws: /s/s/s/s/s
(21:35:08) ***mhu needs a faster keyboard
(21:35:15) mhu: :-)
(21:35:16) jsc: we should definitely try to repeat this next year, maybe with more projects
(21:35:32) CorNouws: yip ..
(21:35:36) mhu: yes
(21:35:47) jsc: that's it for today from me
(21:35:59) jsc: anything else from you?
(21:36:12) CorNouws: for me too - I guess nothing is left on the agenda?
(21:36:19) ***jsc the whisky is empty ...
(21:36:31) CorNouws: burp ..
(21:36:33) mhu: ...and the agenda too

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