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Date: 2010-04-15

Time: 18:30 UTC

Location: IRC


  • Christian Lohmaier (cloph, deputy of Christoph Noack)
  • Leif Lodahl (leiflodahl, deputy of Charles-H Schulz)
  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof_)
  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu, mhu1)
  • Sophie Gautier (sophi, deputy of Louis Suárez-Potts)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • Kazunari Hirano (khirano, deputy of Cor Nouws who said hello for some minutes)


[20:44] <stx12> so i think we should start...
[20:45] <stx12> do we have comments on the minutes from the last meeting?
[20:45] <stx12>
[20:46] <_Nesshof_> i'm fine with the minutes
[20:46] <mhu> +1
[20:46] <leiflodahl> me too
[20:47] * sophi has joined #ooocouncil
[20:47] <sophi> Hi all
[20:47] <sophi> Sorry to be late
[20:47] <khirano> +1 as Cor's deputy :)
[20:47] <stx12> ok; fine with me too;
[20:47] <stx12> hi sophie
[20:48] <stx12>
[20:48] <stx12> we just started with the agenda
[20:48] <stx12> next item is:
[20:48] <stx12> 2010-04-01#1
[20:48] <stx12> Community situation
[20:48] <sophi> stx12: thanks :)
[20:49] <stx12> cor sent an appeal on the list calling for proposal how the council could help.
[20:51] <stx12> i think one part of it is the kick-off of an effort we agreed upon earlier; we will investigate good and bad examples of collaboration and see what participants can learn from it.
[20:51] <sophi> stx12: there was also an official request from Bernhard to the CC, but I think it should be delt on list
[20:52] <stx12> yes; i think cor will bring this to the council
[20:52] <stx12> khirano: did you talk about this with cor?
[20:52] <khirano> stx12: no
[20:52] <stx12> if not we'll vertainly see it brought up by cor
[20:53] <stx12> certainly...
[20:53] <sophi> stx12: I think all this should be discuss by the CC and on list or off list as it prefers
[20:55] <stx12> "all this" sounds a bit vague; but i agree that an evaluation is due and an outcome should be made public as soon as available...
[20:56] * mhu1 has joined #ooocouncil
[20:56] <stx12> do you have further input for todays meeting or should we continue via mail?
[20:56] <mhu1> sorry, my network connection dropped, but back again ...
[20:57] <cloph> better by mail..
[20:58] <_Nesshof_> we should at least come to an conclusion what "all this" is in the current status, before we proceed to the next agenda item
[20:58] <sophi> stx12: I'm just a placeholder so I do not feel entitle to pursue on the community situation (that i call 'all 'this :-)
[20:58] * mhu has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out#)
[20:58] <leiflodahl> Im a little confused. Are we talking in general or the specific case?
[20:59] <_Nesshof_> leiflodahl: yes, at least this we need to clarify
[21:00] <leiflodahl> I think we must give an answer on the specific case very soon
[21:01] <leiflodahl> By 'we' I am talking about regular cc-members
[21:01] <leiflodahl> I'm just the stand in
[21:01] <_Nesshof_> iirc, the request was to not support the application independency of the ODF Icons
[21:02] <stx12> no, this has been modified to a procedural question about decision making
[21:02] <_Nesshof_> but this is just one aspect of the whole discussions in the community going on right now
[21:03] <cloph> IMHO the re-branding is just the issue that got things rolling. The basic point is: How Oracle treats the community/how community can speak up. Community is not pleased with the decisions that were presented after the fact.
[21:04] <cloph> Basically: Is it really a community effort, or is it Oracle's project where others can just see the code.
[21:05] <cloph> It starts with lack of information before introducing stuff, and continues with the lack of being able to agree on a compromise.
[21:05] <_Nesshof_> I request that the following log of this agenda item will not made public
[21:06] <stx12> fine with me, I'm going to provide a shortened log; others?
[21:06] <leiflodahl> If that is legal +1
[21:06] <cloph> fine
[21:06] <mhu1> +1
[21:06] <khirano> +1
[21:07] <sophi> ok

[21:58] <stx12> here the log starts again...
[21:58] <mhu1> quickly: yes
[21:59] <stx12> CC Elections
[21:59] <stx12> the voting period ends today; i'll send the result to the observers tomorrow for review
[22:01] <stx12> next is: "Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes"
[22:01] <stx12> i guess we have no update on that
[22:01] <stx12> 2010-03-04#3
[22:01] <stx12> Publicize the open slot at the start of the CC meetings
[22:01] <cloph> (for completion on the vote: the remimder that should have been sent on april 08 was not sent)
[22:01] * _Nesshof_ has is howmwork still open
[22:02] <stx12> cloph: it was to those who did not vote yet
[22:02] * _Nesshof_ saw a reminder
[22:02] <sophi> cloph: I received it :-)
[22:02] <cloph> Ah, great - so Christoph was unsure - he thought he was meant to send it - so it was automatic :-))
[22:03] * stx12 was the automat with the help of limesurvey
[22:03] <stx12> 2010-03-04#4
[22:03] <stx12> Work with Clayton on estimates for Developing developers documentation
[22:04] * mhu1 thinks Juergen has sent update to list ?
[22:05] <stx12> mhu1: yes; so we will continue there...
[22:05] <stx12> 2010-03-04#5
[22:05] <stx12> Internship
[22:06] <mhu1> Cor sent initial budget proposal, we need to follow up on budget details
[22:06] <stx12> "we" means?
[22:06] <mhu1> we := stx12, mhu, _Nesshof_
[22:07] <mhu1> then we all, i.e. CC
[22:07] <stx12> and the development budget holder/advisors, right?
[22:07] <mhu1> yes
[22:07] <stx12> ok
[22:07] <_Nesshof_> yes, we need to sum this up with the documentation request
[22:07] <mhu1> yes
[22:08] <stx12> ok; and juergen would like to ensure that we are ready to advertise the effort. i guess he will have to become more concrete...
[22:09] <stx12> 2010-03-04#6
[22:09] <stx12> Talk to Education
[22:09] <mhu1> I have no details beyond budget, so cannot answer instead of Cor / Juergen
[22:09] <stx12> that's stalled at this point of time; afaik
[22:10] <stx12> 2010-04-01#7
[22:10] <stx12> Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter
[22:10] <stx12> any update on this?
[22:10] <leiflodahl> Charles will publish next week
[22:11] <stx12> good...
[22:11] <stx12> any further topics you would like to raise today?
[22:12] <sophi> ok for me
[22:12] <stx12> then the meeting is closed.
[22:13] <stx12> you'll find date/time for the next meeting here:
[22:13] <stx12>

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