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Minutes of Meetings



See Community Council Log 20100304


Minutes and action items are not available.



List of attendees and IRC log can be found here: Community Council Log 20100218


No Action Item Owner Status Additional Information
0 List of Action Items of previous meeting for approval -

Prepare wiki page for ‘Events’ Louis Done

List of events interesting for available at Events, Year 2010. From now on, it needs to be completed by MarCon.

Hold CC Elections (Martin, Pavel, John) Louis / Christoph
In progress

Louis is currently preparing the initial email "New election for Community Council". A second draft is already available and feedback has already been provided.

Next Steps:

  • Louis is asked to send the initial email - if its ready.
  • Christoph will have a look at the election process and (support to) trigger the next steps.
Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes Louis
No update. Will be discussed in next meeting.
Publicise the open slot at the start of the CC meetings Louis

No update. Will be discussed in next meeting.
5 Work with Clayton on estimates for Developing developers documentation Jürgen
In progress

Clayton has send a first draft to council-discuss (Draft of the Community Council proposal to hire a Tech Writer), we need some confirmation how to proceed keeping the proposed quote in mind.


  • The costs are estimated to be roughly 40 K USD. It has been agreed that this seems to be a realistic estimation and maintainability is a very important question.
  • These costs do not fit in any currently planned budget. Some proposals were made how this work might be split / separated to get more manageable pieces (in terms of budget). But it has also been raised that it might only make sense if it is worked on the full documentation.
  • It has been agreed that - before any further decision can be made - all people should have a closer look at Clayton's proposal.

Next Steps:

  • All CC members will have a closer look at the proposal (link above). (Added by Christoph: Everybody is free to provide proposals how to proceed.)
  • A funding proposal request has to be worked out for the the next meeting.
6 Talk to Google about 2010 SoC John In progress

John has sent a mail to the Google representative Leslie Hawthorn a couple of days ago. We are waiting for an answer.

Discussion: It has been raised that the applications for "would-be mentoring applications" is open from 2010-03-08 to 2010-03-12 (source).

Next Steps:

  • Cor and John will keep the Community Council updated.
  • The topic will be raised in the next meeting which will be held in two weeks of time.
7 Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit Cor In progress

Next Step: Cor will prepare a draft and present it to the Community Council.

8 Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter Charles In progress

Announcement has been made on the NLC list. One "volunteer" project found for the first month month, the Irish Gaelic project.

Discussion (a little bit off-topic):

  • John did also inform the responsible for the Newsletter (Kay Koll) to use some information from the Community Council minutes.
  • The question was raised how to support Kay to ensure valid information. Sophie stated that usually the newsletter draft is reviewed.

Next Steps:

  • Charles currently prepares an interview (source: internal mail).
  • Action item will be kept "in progress" until Charles is back.
9 Talk to Marketing Project about OOoCon support for remote attendees John Done

Request has been discussed with the Hungarian OOoCon team and with MarCon. The proposal that the MP should set up a 'permanent' arrangement for video for all OOoCons may need finance - probably next year's budget though. The Marketing Project is still discussing if this is a better approach.

Discussion (a little bit off-topic):

  • Short discussion of whether the location of the OOoCons should be fixed or not. A comparison has been made to FOSDEM.
  • The action item will be closed, because the Marketing Project is aware of this issue.
10 Reply to FSF Extensions Repository Louis Done
Louis sent the mail and the FSF (Peter Brown) already replied.
11 New template for CC meetings Christoph In progress

Some of the proposals from the face-to-face meeting in Hamburg have been summarized. Work on a draft has been started. It is available at Community_Council/Proposed_Improvements.


  • Cor estimated this work to be close-to-final.
  • A discussion on how to name the Action Items. The basic requirement is to identify the "age" of the items. Several proposals have been made.

Next Steps:

  • Everybody will have a look at the draft and provide feedback (if required).
  • Christoph will finalize the proposal and present it in the next meeting to officially accept or reject it.
12 Refresh Budget Pages on the Wiki with input from Matthias John

No update. John will work on that until the next meeting.

Remark: The budget has already been accepted in the face-to-face meeting in Hamburg.

13 Confirm/discuss proposed dates for future council meetings Christoph In progress

A first proposal is available at Community Council Calendar.


  • According to Stefan the need for information might be higher during the next months.
  • It has been proposed to change the schedule so that the Community Council meetings will be held each two weeks. This applies to the meetings in the next two months to check if this is applicable.
  • Some people expressed the demand to reduce the meeting time to about one hour.

Next Step: Christoph will re-work the proposed dates and inform the Community Council members.

Update of the logo and the branding initiative -

Additional discussion.


  • Two proposals have been presented to the branding working group.
  • A due date has been proposed to finalize the effort.
Trademark -

Additional discussion.

Discussion: Stefan will provide some updates in the next meeting.

2010-02-04/05 (F2F Meeting in Hamburg)


Name Initials (not the OOo user name)
Martin Hollmichel MHo
Matthias Huetsch MHu
Cor Nouws CNou
Christoph Noack CN
Louis Suarez-Potts LS-P
Charles-H. Schulz C-HS
John McCreesh JPMcC
Stefan Taxhet ST
Jürgen Schmidt JS


Status Updates from CC Sponsored Activities

Trademark Policy

ST reported that the draft trademark policy was being reviewed by Sun Legal, but no major changes were expected.

Developing developers

The CC welcomed Clayton Cornell for this item

The CC discussed three areas where documentation could be improved:

  • how-to get into core development (technical)
  • how-to engage in the community development process (people)
  • how-to get into extension development (technical)

There was a discussion on the merits of traditional paper-based documentation versus webinars etc for each of these.

The CC agreed to focus on extensions, possibly based on Per’s current work with Kai on a gallery extension. Clayton was actioned to come back with a budgetary estimate for the work.

The CC agreed to talk to Google to see whether the Oracle takeover meant that OOo would be accepted this year for the Summer of Code exercise. If not, the CC should press on with its own internship exercise.

Pootle Infrastructure

The CC welcomed Rafaella Braconi for this item

  • A new Pootle sys admin was now in place and was actively managing the system
  • Some background scripts had been removed. Feedback from the engineers was that performance of Pootle was not hardware constrained.
  • the latest version of Pootle would be installed as soon as OOo 3.2 was released

Overall the position had stabilised. Engagement with the Pootle developers was good. We should look to get feedback from the community again in Q2 after the software upgrade. The CC would be willing to help the Pootle team carry out developments to meet OOo requirements if required.

Download Infrastructure Migration (MirrorBrain)

JPMcC reported that the Marketing Project download reporting system was now being fed from both Bouncer and MirrorBrain, and 3.2 would be released via MirrorBrain. He thanked the MirrorBrain team for their help in meeting OOo’s requirements.

Site Infrastructure Migration (Kenai)

ST reported on the project to migrate OOo from Collabnet to Kenai. Kenai is based on open source technologies such as Zoomla, Bugzilla, and Rails, but will be managed as a service by a team within Oracle. The OOo Project Leads and Web Project are now actively engaged on the migration which is planned to have three phases:

  • fit-gap analysis of Kenai features vs OOo requirements (underway)
  • any resulting OOo ‘must have’ features implemented in Kenai
  • data migration scripts developed and proven (underway - Collabnet data dump received)

Migration must be complete by end of June. ST believed this was ambitious but achievable, as a pilot project ( had already migrated successfully. There would still be a requirement for a ‘*.services.oo.o’ for OOo-specific requirements.


Agenda Items

The additional agenda can be found here.

Oracle / Sun

The CC noted the contents of the recent webcasts by Oracle, and that the formal Legal Entity Consolidation of Oracle and Sun Microsystems was due this month. The CC had always valued the relationship with Sun, and looked forward to a similarly fruitful relationship with Oracle. The CC extended their best wishes to the formerly Sun-sponsored community contributors in their new home as a global business unit within Oracle Corporation. The CC had no comment to make on Oracle’s announcement of a commercial ‘Cloud Office’ product other than to state new entrants are always welcome to the ODF ecosystem.

Education Project

Following on from the Developing developers initiative and the work with Seneca, the CC debated where these activities should be best placed with OOo. The Education Project would seem an obvious home, but the project had recently undertaken a number of initiatives which were already taking it in several different directions. The CC agreed to talk to the project leads about the structure and remit of the project, to give greater focus and avoid conflicts with other projects.


The CC welcomed Rosana Ardila Biela for this item

RAB gave a presentation on the work to refresh and relaunch the visual identity of OOo, as part of a branding initiative within the Marketing Project. She presented a revamped OOo logo which was still work in progress within the working party. The CC warmly welcomed the activity, and encouraged the team to reach consensus on a new logo. If the team was unable to do so, then they should present options to the CC for another decision / route - however, it was far better for the experts in the team to decide, rather than the amateurs on the CC!

Native Language Community development

The CC discussed ways of encouraging NLC development.

  • Requests for financial support for Regional Conferences would be considered on a case by case basis. Funding would be start-up only, as conferences are expected to be self-financing. The CC recommends that OOo teams should be encouraged to join forces with other open-source projects to share the costs and efforts involved in running conferences.
  • NLCs should be encouraged to volunteer for a ‘Native Language Community of the Month’ spotlight in the OOo Newsletter - C-HS to organise.
  • The CC discussed direct funding of new localisations e.g. at the request of a government. Past experience suggested these did not lead to sustainable versions. The success of the NLC within OOo was based round a team of activists providing a complete package of localisation, QA, training, support, etc.


The CC discussed ways of minimising OOo’s carbon footprint. OOo’s infrastructure is mostly donated by third parties, which means the CC cannot make direct decisions about e.g. using only renewable electricity in datacentres. The CC agreed that OOoCon should be made more accessible for remote attendees as a priority, e.g. improved web streaming, dial-in access to sessions, mandatory advance submission of papers, etc. Support of remote attendees should be made a key deciding factor in awarding the 2011 OOoCon. The Marketing Project was also asked to consider options - e.g. should the MP be responsible for a web capability centrally every year rather than rely on local teams?

Extensions Repository

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has notified the CC that the OOo Extensions Repository does not conform to FSF principles, as it hosts ‘non-free’ software. As a result, any software distributions wishing to conform to FSF standards should not make use of the OOo Repository. The CC agreed that licence information could be improved on the Repository, as this is an important factor people should consider when choosing extensions. The FSF would be welcomed to help in providing this sorting / filtering mechanism. However, the CC would not support a forking or partitioning of the Repository to exclude ‘non-free’ extensions. OOo respects the right of its users to make their own informed choice of software, and believes this is best achieved by a single Repository offering a full selection of extensions.

Community Council Effectiveness

CC members used the opportunity of this face to face meeting to brainstorm high and low points of 2009, and consider community goals for 2010/2011. An offline presentation by CN highlighted the lack of a consistent trail from the overall OOo mission statement down to project or release goals.

The CC discussed issues with its current processes:

  • CC members over-committing to Action Items, which they then fail to deliver
  • the quality of the minutes, which makes it hard for community members to understand what the CC is doing
  • the amount of time taken up on IRC presenting status reports, which could be more efficiently done in advance

The CC also needs to improve its communication with the Community. The CC agreed to experiment with starting meetings with a public session. The Minutes should be prepared in a form that anyone can understand without having to work through IRC logs. It should also be possible to copy and paste from the Minutes into the monthly OOo Newsletter to give a ‘This Month in the Community Council’ article.

CN (the current facilitator) agreed to work on a new meeting template including these improvements. JPMcC agreed to write up the minutes for this meeting.

2010 Budget

MHe reported that the current level of monthly donations was sufficient to support the proposed budget. The majority of these donations came from small contributions via PayPal. The CC agreed to adopt the draft budget for 2010 but review it quarterly to see if the allocation between different headings should be amended. MHe agreed to publish a summary of ‘actual vs budget’ quarterly on the wiki. JPMcC agreed to refresh the budget wiki pages for 2010. All projects should be encouraged to put forward proposals for using all the available funding.

Action Items

No Action Who When Status

Prepare wiki page for ‘Events’ LS-P

Hold CC Elections (Martin, Pavel, John) LS-P
transferred to CN with help from JMcC

Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes LS-P

Publicise the open slot at the start of the CC meetings LS-P

402.1 Work with Clayton on estimates for Developing developers documentation JS

402.2 Talk to Google about 2010 SoC JPMcC

402.3 Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit CNou

402.4 Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter C-HS

402.5 Talk to Marketing Project about OOoCon support for remote attendees JPMcC

402.6 Reply to FSF Extensions Repository LS-P

402.7 New template for CC meetings CN

402.8 Refresh Budget Pages on the Wiki with input from MHe JPMcC


IRC log


  1. Budget Louis: prepare a wiki page with events.
  2. Trademark Policy ST to take back to trademark list
  3. Elections: first cycle is finished. Next steps:
    1. Jürgen: Update council webpage: (done)
    2. Louis: Notification to broader community about results (done)
    3. Louis: Initiate phase 2 of the new election for Martin, Pavel, John.: put on hold until after holidays, viz., post 6 jan
    4. Louis: advertise public part at #ooocouncilpub in the beginning before next council meeting: Louis suggest we do it for next meeting.
  4. Internship
    1. Martin to put together a proposal for hiring a technical writer to document getting started on OOo development.: open
    2. AI: "Winter of Code"; Cor to own and cry for help if required.; list to be used is mentoring @ ooo: open
  5. Distribution infrastructure (Bouncer); John: We are on target to use mirrorbrain for 3.2; Louis proposed AI: that the CC publicly thanks the volunteer mirrors on the release of 3.2 for 9 plus years of heroic work including and esp. osuosl.
  6. l10n infrastructure (Pootle): ST: Pootle version upgrade imminent beginnig 2010; AI: Owner?: find better tool that is a closer fit, if necessary; Cor is going to contact Andre.
  7. Procedures for retirement of a project in Incubator and NLC. Louis: deliver final wording after the discussion that was on the mail list - carry forward; see [1] to be inforporated in and
  8. Proposal for handling incubator and NLC projects. Louis: come with clear proposal, so we can put it on the agenda for a future meeting - carry forward
  9. Budget 2010: AI: all budget holders to submit their requests for a share of this 100k. See proposal from Matthias [2]; Vote on Matthias' Proposal pending
  10. Council coordinator: choosing ST's successor (for the period from February 2010 - May 2010). (done)
  11. Juergen: Prepare Agenda for F2F Meeting in Hamburg, February 4/5;
  12. Ja added: How to handle impolite remarks in IssueTracker issues ? See issue 107456. Corresponding user ignores changes made to the issue he wrote. (done)


Community Council Log 20092201

Archived Meeting Minutes

The following pages archive the old meeting minutes of the Community Council:

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