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Council Elections - starting 2009 / 04


These are elections for three of the council seats according to the current Council Charter (v1.2).

Election process will folow the elction process proposal

Seats to be elected

there are three seats to be elected:

  • one "Code Contributor Representative" (Council Charter v1.2 added one new seat)
  • one "Product Development Representatives" (successor to André Schnabel, who will leave the council)
  • one "Lang Representative" (successor to Sophie Gautier, who will leave the council)

Election process

Code Contributor Representative


  • commissary: LSP?
  • observer:
  • observer:


  • Information
Category of Council Representative Code Contributor
Constituency all active code contributors - people who constantly contribute code to the project under the general rules of the project, as defined by following criteria
  1. contributor is a domain developer
  2. contributor has commit access to the code repository
  3. contributing code with the established child workspace processes
  4. contributing under the accepted term and conditions of the project (SCA, formerly known as JCA or CA).
  5. contributor constantly takes over ownership of child workspaces (took ownership of at least one CWS within the last 6 months).

we need to provide a list with the names / mail adresses - ask Martin

Number of Representatives to be elected one
Time line of elections to be defined
Call for candidates wriiten text in announcement
Name of the mailing list where candidates can be nominated

Details about the election process ask Stefan to set up the surveyserver - needs to be restricted to the "code contributor list" - depending on the number of developers election can be done via mail?

  • Mail
    • text ....
    • sent on put link here


Name Nomination Confirmation Introduction
put name here link to nomination mail link to confirmation mail linkto intro mail


Voting announced via mail put link to mail here


election results go here

Product Development Representatives

Lang Representative

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