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Additonal agenda for regular taking place face 2 face meetings of the Commnity Council

2010-02-04/05 (F2F Meeting in Hamburg)

  1. situation after finishing the proposed acquisition of Sun by Oracle
  2. status update on the activities around OOo branding
  3. support of regional OOo conferences, mainly budget
  4. talking about long term expectations for the project
  5. evaluation of the documented CC goals
  6. global community: how did activities the last years, to broaden the basis work out, and what to do next/more.
  7. the inner and outer community. Some nasty words, indicating our very most important sponsor, Sun, and the other very important members that are needed so much. Clear development over the past years where the two work closer together. Review the status quo and brainstorming further steps.
  8. CC information channels, like the idea of having a CC section in the OOo news letter. Or the general question if the CC should be more visible and present in the public.
  9. do we need communication strategies against potential bad attacks on OOo or how we can encounter such things effectively
  10. greening In the draft cfl for OOoCon2011 there is a great statement about our attitude towards the environment. We could look at possible directions in which that can be made more reality.
  11. discuss budget plans for 2010 in detail
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