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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



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Upcoming Meeting

Date: 2010-07-01 (Derived from the Community Council Meeting Calendar)

Time: 18.30 UTC (click on the link to show world clock times)

Location: IRC

Agenda and Work Status

The following table represents the agenda of the upcoming meeting and the current work status of topics / action items. Working with this table is described in the Community Council Meeting Guidelines.

Last Update
List of Action Items of previous meeting for approval
  • Meeting minutes of previous meeting at Minutes#2010-07-01
  • Result: Meeting minutes have been approved in the CC meeting.
Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes
  • No new proposal available. Louis will work on that.
  • Next steps: Will be discussed in next meeting.
Publicize the open slot at the start of the CC meetings
Martin -> Jüergen
  • proposal had been presented on March 30th and agreed on
  • Martin to prepare announcement on discuss before next meeting
  • transferred to Jürgen
  • add new section under Procedures in the meeting guideline, see Meeting Guidelines - Public QA
  • add 2 new public QA session in the meeting calendar, see Meetings in 2010
  • post information email to council-discuss
  • thinking that the AI is done
Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit
John, Cor
  • Cor to prepare a draft and present it to the Community Council. Nothing done yet.
  • Next steps: Will be discussed in next meeting.
Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter
  • Inteview with the Irish team has been done. No further information available by his deputy (Leif).
  • Next steps: Charles has scheduled the next project to be interviewed (the Sinhala project). He would also like to discuss how to extend the media impact of these interviews.
Community situation
  • What do we see, where are we, what are we going to do about it.
  • proposed to work on in Budapest. All CC members are asked to think about it and Cor will prepare a proposal for an detailed agenda.
2010-04-29#1 CC Election (Product Development Representative) Accepted Christoph 2010-07-19
  • In the election 2010-03, one of the three roles hasn't been confirmed. We'll re-do the whole election cycle for the "Product Development Representative".
  • Status:
    • Overview: See current state of the election 2010-06.
    • Current Phase: Finalized. Andreas Bartel has been elected.
  • Next steps: None

Missing OOo desktop presence

Christoph, Stefan 2010-06-30
  • Request by a community member to discuss / decide the following question: "Why should give away it's presence on the user's desktop - the main place to be recognized by the people - only to support the "application independency" of ODF? A Sun employee stated "The idea of supporting ODF as a application independent open standard is the priority." This leads / will lead to changes with regard to the document and application icon design. The current ODF "only" icons seem to be undesired by the community. Original request to the CC on ooo-discuss: initial mail (2010-04-14), full mail thread
  • Discussion:
    • 2010-04-29: Some members stated that the request should be "more actionable" and "better framed" to be decided by the community. Proposal has been made to forward the request to council-discuss to propose how to proceed.
    • 2010-05-02: Christoph forwarded the request to the CC mailing list. A first discussion took place.
    • 2010-05-20: Intensive discussion about the request and how to address it. Stefan and Christoph agreed to work out a request to the ODF Icons team to iterate on the design and/or processes. Maybe a "refreshed" team which may provide an agreed-upon proposal. Stefan stated that there shouldn't be any dependency to the next/other releases.
    • 2010-06-08: Some opinions have been requested by people who initially worked in the branding initiative. Either there isn't feedback yet, or the people aren't currently available to support the i-Team. Ongoing ...
    • 2010-06-30: Still ongoing ...
  • Next steps: Christoph will formulate a proposal to be discussed with Stefan. This will be presented to the CC on the CC discuss mailing list.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

To be found here.

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