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This wiki page contains resources to support high quality coding (design and implementation) for It shall support "preventive quality assurance": Coding such that as few as possible defects are introduced, instead of finding them later.


Resources that can be used as references.

Coding Standards

Refactoring Guidelines


Resources for learning.


Programming in C++

Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu - "C++ Coding Standards"
A very useful definitive book about high quality C++. Summarizes the professional experience of the most recent years (in 2005). Includes much content of the following books in a tightened form.
Scott Meyers - "Effective C++" and "More Effective C++"
Famous classic about all that C++ rules necessary, but often not in the tutorials.
Herb Sutter - "Exceptional C++", "More Exceptional C++" and "Exceptional C++ Style"
Gathers articles (in the form of little exercises with solutions and comments) to various issues in C++ programming, including for example exception safety, inheritance, generic programming pitfalls and "what is wrong about std::string?".

Code Improvement

Martin Fowler - "Refactoring"
Shows many typical error prone patterns/phenomena in source code. Provides technically exact ways to improve them without changing the semantics of the code.
The examples are in Java but easily transferable to similar programming languages.


Object Oriented Methods and Languages

  • Cetus Links
    Huge collection of links about all major programming languages and object orientation. A standard resource!


Various resources that may give ideas for further exploration.

Defect Prevention

Code Reviews Code Exploration

Analysis of OOo's existing code base.

  • The Source Code Inventory project tries to statically analyze code to evaluate its overall quality, find dead and duplicate code and remove unnecessary or circular dependencies
  • OpenOffice++ is a project that has done static source code analysis on several versions of There exists a general report and detailed data may be available here.

Links to Related Topics

Related topics not exactly in the scope of this page.

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