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At 17th of April 2007 the iTeam (integration team) for Chart2 module agreed on the following handling and workflow with the list of known regression issues.

(iTeam members : Igrid Halama, Bjoern Milke, Thomas Klarhoefer, Uwe Fischer, Matthias Mueller-Prove; extended team : Stephan Schaefer, Thorsten Ziehm)

fixed before integration

We agreed on a list of 11 issues, which have to be fixed and integrated before integration of Chart 2 module with CWS chart2mst3. These issues will be added to the CWS.

The issues are (17th of May) :

  • 68044 : new chart: The legend for 3D line charts should show areas not lines
    • status : fixed
  • 66009 : new chart: Legend of loaded old files may be clipped
    • status : fixed
  • 75530 : new chart : Stock-Charts with volume and no property stock-with-volume are loaded incorrectly
    • status : fixed
  • 76130 : new chart: write attribute sort-by-x-values per plot-area not per series
    • status : fixed
  • 71697 : new chart: Manual legend size, automatic entry stacking
    • status : fixed
  • 75307 : new chart: Range selection shows deselected range
    • status : fixed
  • 75393 : new chart: selection for Connection Lines are unchecked after switch to xy and back
    • status : fixed
  • 145482 : new chart: Regression Load/Save under Solaris (evaluated: SPARC) (internal crash report issue)
    • status : fixed
  • 75825 : new chart: "First Row as label" not checked though initially used
    • status : fixed
  • 76397 : new chart: Save as .ppt freeze the Office
    • status : fixed
  • 75781 : new chart: import from sdw (binary) format breaks connection to table

The query for these issues

new issue (after 17th of May):

fixed before the release

We agreed on a list of 11 issues, which have to be fixed and integrated in Master before release code freeze. These issues will be added to a new CWS and will be began, when the issues from the above list are fixed.

The issues are (17th of May) :

  • 71328 : new chart: Automatic Symbols for lines in combi charts are not the same as in older versions
    • status : Locally fixed
  • 68045 : new chart: 3d Bar Chart is growing beyond visuell chart area on double click
  • 68863 : new chart: Some UI elements are not hidden when activating an OLE chart
  • 71557 : new chart: Wizard : Select the range of data automatically
  • 73746 : new chart: A11y 3D Shape selection Box entries will not be read
  • 74653 : new chart: Undo after leave the chart does not work
  • 75159 : new chart in Writer not updated when adding rows/columns to table
  • 75197 : new chart: title edit window is slightly to small on first edit
  • 75382 : new chart: switching charttypes: adjust the rotation of x and y axis title
  • 76055 : new chart: when charts are created from completely selected rows or columns the range is not reduced automatically
    • status : Competitive Analysis with Excel
  • 76446 : new chart: Object border for OLE Chart partly gone.

The query for these issues

new issue (after 17th of May):

not required before release

All other issues (also regressions) are a 'nice to have' but they are not required to be fixed and integrated in Master before release.

The issues are (17th of May) :

  • 26497 : new chart: Tickmarks in bar charts not at the correct position.
  • 26572 : new chart: Font Preview shows wrong text
  • 26666 : new chart: Symbol Charts: Datapoint Property Dialog: missing tabpages Area and Transparency
  • 30868 : new chart: Autoscaling doesn't consider errorbars
  • 30955 : new chart: Statistic Dialog: Steps for Percentage and Error margin
  • 63016 : new chart: don't display regression curves in the legend of 3D charts
  • 64270 : new chart: Missing sub grid lines when main grid is off
  • 64495 : new chart: wrong selection after arranging series
  • 65908 : new chart: Name for 3D Area chart: deep versus normal
  • 67192 : new chart: Pivot Point without function
  • 67225 : new chart: Invisible objects can be selected with keyboard navigation
  • 67368 : new chart: don't show red selection handles for not rotatable objects
  • 71812 : new chart: data range: It's not possible to directly select the cells
  • 72946 : new chart: wrong Impress pane handling during chart editing
  • 73255 : new chart: empty Chart has a oversized/broken Legend
  • 73851 : new chart: Selection of Legendsymbols are difficult
  • 74647 : new chart: Gradient for Datapoints in Piecharts are not set
  • 74652 : new chart: switching charttype: Bitmaps are not kept for Pie charts
  • 74955 : new chart: Chart with no Dataseries shows Chart Data Table Dialog after save and reload
  • 75148 : new chart: pie chart without border gets border again after change to exploded sub-type
  • 75639 : new chart: switching charttypes: axis title stay on manual positions
  • 75743 : new chart: complex table will give default chart - should be disabled
  • 75822 : new chart: focus not in document after cancelling chart wizard
  • 75824 : new chart: when cancelling Chart wizard, document status is set "modified" (only indicator in status bar)
  • 76053 : new chart: Selectionhandles for Line/xy Charts switch from Points to rectangle selection
  • 76089 : new chart: when deleting table, values are not transferred to chart table anymore

new issue (after 17th of May):

closed issues

Issue 75915 is closed because of an error in file format in old chart. It is fixed with the new chart and a compatibility mode isn't possible.

Also issue 76439 is closed. The new but different handling and missing functionality against the old chart is specified.

additional tasks

One additional issue occurs. The elimination of German as source language also affects this CWS. A script has to be run on the code and special tests have to be done after it.


The iTeam is confident of holding the given time line with the known issues and be ready with the CWS 'chart2mst3' mid of May. Then it can be integrated until end of May.

New submitted issues have to be put into the categories 'fixed before integration, 'fixed before release' and 'nice to have' continuously.

At mid of May (~14th) the iTeam will give a status if then it is still possible to integrate chart2mst3 before end of May to the release status meeting.

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