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Equations for regression curves

7998 The equation of trend lines and the R² value now can be displayed in the chart.

Chart OOo2.4 01.png

Reverse axes

24614 It is possible now to change the direction of axes. Thus the user can choose where the lower values and where the higher values are displayed at an axis.

Chart OOo2.4 02.png

Display bars on different axes next to each other

26795 In bar charts with two y axes it is now also possible to display all the bars next to each thus they don't hide each other anymore.

Chart OOo2.4 03.png

Number format for data labels

37792 For data labels in charts it is now possible to choose a number format for the display of values and percentage values. Thus the precision of the displayed values can be changed for example.

Chart OOo2.4 04.png

Display both in the data point label: value and percentage

43489 For data labels in charts it is now possible to display the value and the percentage value at the same time.

Chart OOo2.4 05b.png

Allow to display each part of a data label in a separate line

82051 The different parts of a data label now can be displayed in separate lines.

More flexible placement of labels on data points

63857 It is now possible to manipulate the placement of the data point labels relative to the data point. For example for symbol charts the labels can be placed above, below, left, right or centered on the symbol.

Automatic positions for labels on pie segments

4039 There is an automatism now which tries to avoid the overlapping of data point labels on pie charts.

Remove data point labels with delete key

83344 It is now possible to remove selected data point labels with pressing the delete key.

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