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Limit the number of axis labels displayed

Chart2 Axis1.png

Affect units to the axis

Chart2 Axis5.png

Axes labels customizable

Chart2 Axis8.png

  • One can choose the label text format and number format regardless the data source range.
  • In this example, date format displayed differently from the data range. March label text is manually modified.
  • In Excel 2000, it's not possible to modify text and label format individually.
  • covered in

Ability to fix the maximum and minimum property of axes from a spreadsheet cell

Allow to change spacing between axes and axes labels

Outliers: Break Axis

Occasionally one has to picture data that contains outliers. This is currently not easy performed. Consider the following data series: 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, 10, and 200.

Obviously '200' is far beyond the rest of the data. If we plot a bar-graph, the values 1-10 will be barely visible (and have almost the same magnitude), while the value 200 will strike out.


To solve this issue, we need to be able to split the Y-Axis into 2 sections:

  • first section could be from 0 to 20
  • then it follows a short empty space (Y axis is discontinuous)
  • and the 2nd Y-axis, which contains values around 200



    ^         ^
210 |         |
200 |         |
190 |         |
    /   OR   ...
    /         |
20  |         |
10  |         |
 0  |         |

a strike
 through   OR  ...
the Y-axis

This way it is possible to display accurately both the outliers (the 200 value) as well as the normal data, enhancing therefore the visualisation of all the relevant data.

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