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== Helping with the Chart ==
== Helping with the Chart ==
[[Image:ExampleChart.png|frame|right|Example Chart made with OpenOffice.org 2.3]]
[[Image:ExampleChart.png|frame|right|Example Chart made with OpenOffice.org 2.3 (ods-file see [http://graphics.openoffice.org/chart/OpenIssues.ods here])]]
=== Development ===
=== Development ===

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Chart2 is the re-implementation of the charting component of OpenOffice.org. It is integrated in OOo 2.3.

Charts are used for visualizing data sets from e.g. spreadsheets by two and three dimensional diagrams. There are a lot of different two- and three-dimensional chart types you can choose from. This page gathers information about the new chart implementation of OpenOffice.org. It is especially written to help newcomers to the process of developing for the new OOo chart module.

If you would like to participate, if you have comments or questions related to the chart you are welcome on the graphics mailing lists: (users,dev,features,bugs,cvs)@graphics.openoffice.org. See also the side-box with some useful Links.

Helping with the Chart

Example Chart made with OpenOffice.org 2.3 (ods-file see here)


If you like to help developing the chart, you can find useful information here.


The new chart implementation will be part of OpenOffice.org 2.3. A developer snapshot of the release candidates is available on the OOo download page. The localizations (CWS localisation21) and some final fixes for the chart (CWS chart12) are integrated into OOG680.m2.

For a list of known bugs see the Chart project page.


This section gives an overview over new features that are either integrated, planned for a future release or not yet planned to implement for a specific version.

Past Releases

The features listed here are integrated in the product, so they are available for download. Note: OOo 2.3 is not released yet, but will be very soon

Future Releases

The features listed here are planned for one of the upcoming releases.

Unplanned Features

This list is based primarily on the List of wished enhancements for Charts.

Technical Articles

Here you can find some technical articles about the chart, that may help for future development.


  • code contributors
    • Daniel Rentz (Sun Microsystems, Calc)
    • Niklas Nebel (Sun Microsystems, Calc)
    • Thomas Lange (Sun Microsystems, Writer)
    • Regina Henschel (splines, online-help, testing)
    • Li Yuan (Redflag CH2000)
    • Weiz Hao (Redflag CH2000)
    • Mao Yonggang (Redflag CH2000)
  • working permanently on chart QA
    • Thomas Klarhöfer (Sun Microsystems, QA for chart)
    • Jörg Sievers (Sun Microsystems, Test-tool automation for chart)

Note: if anybody thinks he is missing on this list or a comment is not complete, please drop me a note or modify this page

Some useful information

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