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'''Chapter 3 exercises (40 minutes)'''
'''Chapter 3 exercises (40 minutes)'''
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Student book will give the outline of the content of the OpenOffice.org suite and give a series of exercises and practices for the student to perform. The activities will be mapped to the syllabus and should provide cross references between the teacher's book and the student's book.

Testing policy will be determined by the certification committee. Yet a basic draft could be developed before the decision takes place.


The layout of the content should cover the important parts of the training since the book is restricted to the course. The book should be coordinated between the times for practice, for discussion and for theory. The overall layout should include the Cornell note taking style for optimized layout. Also the amount and depth of topics to cover.

  • Theory 20%
  • Discussion 30%
  • Practice exercise 50%


The book should explain the purpose and practice of the topic. Theory should be conceptualized and summarized in an easy to follow way in the document.


Encourage debate and Q&A period between the instructor and the students. Note talkings would be important to get extra information and clearing specific questions derived from the discussion.


Should be coordinated between activities and follow the different modules from the syllabus. The book should suggest a section to provide time for the exercise solving period and suggest a time in minutes to solve it.


Chapter 3 exercises (40 minutes)

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