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Nicole Bates
August 24, 2008
Dr. Menke
English 3000
        I find my bulldog, Katie, to be truly beautiful.  Dr Menke said, “If something is truly beautiful, we should be indifferent of its existence,” however, I am no indifferent to Katie’s existence.  Had I not had a bond with her I could be indifferent to her existence and still find her beautiful which agrees with Kant’s Third Critique.  I find Katie beautiful rather than simply agreeable or good.  She does not just gratify my senses, nor does reason make me desire her beauty.
When thinking about Katie’s beauty, I disregard her usefulness.  However, her beauty increases because of her existence.  This is a point which I do not agree with Kant.  I do not necessarily disagree with Kant, but I can not consider Katie’s beauty without considering her existence.  I am allergic to Katie, so her existence actually hinders my life.  Because of this I can claim her beauty disregarding her existence.
Of course as I look at Katie, I feel everyone should see her beauty.  I can not give rules as to why Katie is beautiful, but I believe she should please all.  I believe in ideology; I presume everyone should feel the same way I do.  Kant states, “Beauty is the form of purposiveness in an object, so far as perceived in to apart from the presentation of a purpose.”  I do agree with this statement because I see Katie as beautiful, but I can not explain her purpose. 
I also believe beauty is found by observing the object’s form.  I find Katie beautiful in her simplest form; the way she walks, the movement of her muscles and the definition of each body part, her body structure.  I would still find her beautiful if she did not have hair.  Her beauty is subjective because I find her beautiful, but also universal because everyone should find her beautiful.

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