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Examine Changes in Functions for ODFv1.2

This is a collection of the differences I found and what I know is already done or in progress. I also note, when I found problems in the draft spec itself. You are invited to add your observations. Regina 19:40, 10 October 2008 (CEST)

Function ODFv1.2 CALC Action Progress
BETADIST Draft Spec misses faktor 1/(b-a) in densitiy case not yet implemented Inform Eike Rathke Done 2008-06-07
Has density case and optional parameter, to choose between density and cumulative not yet implemented expand function to density case and additional parameter tracked in Issue 91547 , function code is ready, finishing implementation depends on Issue 91602
BINOMDIST Parameter C is integer with constraint to 0 and 1. It should be Logical than in other distributions C=0 is density, all other values of C are treated as cumulative - -
LEGACY.CHIDIST Returns 1 for x <0 x < 0 returns Err:502 expand domain to x < 0 internal patch in Issue 94555
CHISQDIST density function and cumulative left tail of chi-square distribution not yet implemented prepare Implementation patch in Issue 94555
CHISQINV inverse of CHISQDIST(...TRUE()) not yet implemented prepare Implementation patch in Issue 94555
GAMMADIST Last Parameter has type Logical Last Parameter has type Number Change type internal to bool. Change UI texts. patch in Issue 94555
Domain for Parameter x includes x < 0 x < 0 returns Err:502 in OOo2.* Change implementation integrated in OOo3.0
TDIST Draft spec shows the density function. Calc (and Excel) evaluates the cumulative function. Inform Eike Rathke Done 2008-10-09
Functionname ODF Calc Action Progress

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