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1. What is DataPilot
    DataPilot is a professional tool for data Analysis. It is very powerful at summary of data report, analysis of data and representation of data. DataPilot analyzes source
data, and generates a clear Data report. We can provide different type of data source, such as a spreadsheet table, or a table in a database, and then the DataPilot can
generate a clear data view for us.

2. Overview of DataPilot at source code level
    2.1. Source data abstract
    To abstract different type of Data source, and to make DataPilot calculable after damange of source data, the source data is standardized and stored as a middle data structure of DataPilot source data cache. The DataPilot source data cache is a 2D table of data generated from the original source data. The data structure of DataPilot source data cache is named as ScDPTableDataCache.

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