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(Detailed Specification)
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== Detailed Specification ==
== Detailed Specification ==
Please refer to [[Media:2009-03-03_TabBgColor_specs.odt|this specification document]] for the detail of this feature.
== Migration ==
== Migration ==

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Sheet tab color

Specification Status
Author Kohei Yoshida
Last Change See wiki history
Status In progress in CWS calctabcolor  .


Spreadsheet's tab now supports non-default background color. The original specification authored by Daniel Watson, the original developer, is available here.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Issue ID (required) available Issue 5560
Test case specification (required) n/a


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Kohei Yoshida kyoshida@novell.com
Quality Assurance Oliver Craemer Oliver.Craemer@Sun.COM
Documentation up for grabs!
User Experience up for grabs!

Detailed Specification

Please refer to this specification document for the detail of this feature.





File Format

This feature requires a file format change in the ODF specification. A proposal to the ODF specification has been submitted here.

Open Issues

Not yet determined.


A large part of this feature was developed by Daniel Watson.

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