Building ooo-build on Mac OS X

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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current.

It's actually pretty simple, apart from grabbing the ooo-build tree as explained on Building with ooobuild, you need:

  • for Leopard (10.5) XCode 3.0 or better (free ADC download)
  • for Tiger (10.4) XCode 2.4.1 or better (free ADC download)
  • MacPorts (from here) - the dmg installer version is prolly easiest & safe

After installing (mind the order, MacPorts need XCode, and making sure that your firewall permits traffic on port 873 (rsync), needed for MacPorts' selfupdate):

  • make sure your shell path contains /opt/local/bin (open new shell or reboot), if that fails:
 echo "export PATH=/opt/local/bin:${PATH}" >> ~/.profile
  • install the following extra packages via
 sudo port install autoconf automake subversion pkgconfig wget coreutils p5-archive-zip

Until further notice, please use the stable ooo-build-3-0 branch for the mac build (the changes there are not yet fully merged into trunk):

  svn co svn:// ooo-build

My current configure line is:

  ./ --with-distro=GoOoMacOSX --disable-mozilla --disable-build-mozilla

followed by

  ./download && make

should get you an en-US installer dmg plus a set of language packs for the extra languages you selected in instsetoo_native..

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