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A buildbot is now deployed for

From the Buildbot README:

This project has now moved to google code

The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. By automatically rebuilding and testing the tree each time something has changed, build problems are pinpointed quickly, before other developers are inconvenienced by the failure. The guilty developer can be identified and harassed without human intervention. By running the builds on a variety of platforms, developers who do not have the facilities to test their changes everywhere before checkin will at least know shortly afterwards whether they have broken the build or not. Warning counts, lint checks, image size, compile time, and other build parameters can be tracked over time, are more visible, and are therefore easier to improve.

How to start a build

If your build breaks it may be the Buildbot's fault as they are not perfect. If you are unsure feel free to contact the Buildslave's maintainer (contact address on the Builder's overview page).

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