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In CWS buildverbosity, probably to be integrated into DEV300.m63, the work started by Rüdiger Timm a while ago has been continued (though probably not finished): The build now has extensive support for different verbosity levels.

You control those levels by un/setting an environment variable VERBOSE, or by giving a verbose=... parameter to the build or dmake call. Three different levels are implemented:

VERBOSE=TRUE or verbose=true
produces the most detailed output. In this mode, the build output is slightly more verbose than what you know up to milestone m62, echoing compiler command lines, and quite some (not all, not by far) commands executed by dmake
VERBOSE not set and verbose not given
produces "normal" output. Nearly no command echos anymore, much less "fill" output, and a lot of tools is less gossipy, too.
VERBOSE=FALSE or verbose=false
Even less output. On Unix platforms, this is near to the "one line of output per file" goal, but not quite there.

Actually, the "normal" and the "quiet" level do not differ too much at the moment. Also, some places still emit too much noise even in quiet mode. However, all of this is considered a moving target, and can be improved incrementally.

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