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<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#What does branding mean?|What does branding mean?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#What Does Branding Mean?|What does branding mean?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#What is visual design?|What is visual design?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#What is Visual Design?|What is visual design?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#Why do we need to be consistent?|Why do we need to be consistent?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#Why Do We Need to be Consistent?|Why do we need to be consistent?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#Who does it involve?|Who does it involve?]]</p>
<p>[[Branding Initiative/Inform#Who Does It Involve?|Who does it involve?]]</p>

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Artwork and

Visual Design




What does branding mean?

What is visual design?

Why do we need to be consistent?

Who does it involve?

Branding elements

Artwork and marketing material

Branding guidelines and help

Artwork to represent OpenOffice.org

Fresh branding ideas

Improve existing designs

Coordinate with other OOo project

Administration of the Initiative

Mission statement:

Our goal is to reveal positive associations with OpenOffice.org's brand by improving the identification of community members with OpenOffice.org and the recognition of the product in public.

Therefore our focus is on creating and maintaining a strong visual design with a consistent use of graphical elements and artwork wherever the OpenOffice.org brand is represented.

As this work is related not only to marketing, but also to several other OpenOffice.org projects, we are keeping continuous contact with website, documentation, user experience, native-language and other projects.

Responsible contributors:


This page is work in progress in quite an early stage. We're just defining how our branding elements and style will look like. Graphical elements will be added to this page once we created them and decided about ther official status.

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