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This document has been placed on the wiki so that members of the OpenOffice community can assist in developing the design and documentation for the enhanced bibliographic facility.


One way to better sort articles is based on Keywords (see my post on keywords).

However, there is another way I will shortly describe here.

There are a number of categories a research paper can belong to:

  • Basic Research
  • Theoretical Research (especially in Math/Physics)
  • Trials:
    • randomized controlled trial
    • Meta-analysis
    • other trial
  • Review
  • Guideline
  • Correspondence
  • Editorial
  • Epidemiologic Study
  • Case Report
  • Images in clinical medicine (some Journals have such a feature/ could be a subgroup of Case Report)
  • Questions/ Question-Answers

If there are other relevant categories, feel free to implement them as well.

This is especially useful when searching for all trials on a given matter (e.g. for writing a meta-analysis or writing a review or a guideline), or for a specific case report.

I do have some >2500 of articles saved on my computer and searching for the correct file is a nightmare. It may seem that 2500 articles is a huge number, however in infections diseases this is only a minimum to start with.

It is useful to have a field storing this information. Although custom fields exist, this is a feature that should be standard. It allows searching (and grouping) articles on a more powerful basis.

Submitted as issue number 66353 by discoleo at

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