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''Autors: [mailto:Christoph.Lukasiak@Oracle.com?subject:OOoWiki-BetterDefaults Christoph Lukasiak] ([http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User:Clu Clu]) / [mailto:Frank.Loehmann@Oracle.com?subject:OOoWiki-BetterDefaults Frank Löhmann] 5 January 2011''<br>  
''Autors: [mailto:Christoph.Lukasiak@Oracle.com?subject:OOoWiki-BetterDefaults Christoph Lukasiak] ([http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/User:Clu Clu]) / [mailto:Frank.Loehmann@Oracle.com?subject:OOoWiki-BetterDefaults Frank Loehmann] 5 January 2011''<br>  
[[Category:User_Experience]] [[Category:UX_Idea]]
[[Category:User_Experience]] [[Category:UX_Idea]]

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Better Defaults is a Sub-Project of the Renaissance Project and should handle smaller changes, fittings and defaults to make the office better usuable with rather small developement investment (low hanging fruits).

As the project get more and more complex, this page is created to hold all links together and give a general overview.

the project started with Ideas

.. more concrete ideas in single areas like gridhandling

.. followed by a workout, a specification and now it got implemented.

.. also with bullets/colors/shortcuts (spec) and graphics/fonts/settings (spec) to complete the impress defaults (for further info you can also check the blogs: b1 & b2).

now we are working on the writer and in near future probalby also on the calc defaults.

p.s. so stay tuned, add your ideas for better defaults and do not stop to give us further comments to our work to improve our office.

Autors: Christoph Lukasiak (Clu) / Frank Loehmann 5 January 2011

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