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The following is a wild collection of ideas for new features (or mere simple improvements) in Base. The order does imply nothing, in particular no priority ...

The "client" column in the below table is a very rough categorization whether the designer or the user of a database/application benefits from the feature. This separation of course does not always exist in reality, since end users tend to design their own database/application, too.

Ideas Client
allow printing a table structure designer
have a SQL preview in the table designer, reflecting the DDL necessary to create the current design of the table. This would be a live preview, and should also allow last-minute changes to the statement (before actually sending it to the server) designer
link tables from different sources (aka DBs) into one database. user
user interface for HSQL's text table feature (aka reading/writing CSV files) user
more intelligent deletion of table data (don't delete every single record, but the set of records described by the current filter in the table data view) user
HSQLDB: dBase support user
Query design improvements
  • better support for functions: all supported and known functions should be listed in the respective field, so that e.g. HOUR(
  • function auto pilot
  • sub selects: should be little table windows, like queries and tables already are
  • UNION support
  • query navigator, displaying the hierarchical structure of a query
  • live preview of the statement even in the graphical view
  • consolidate query design and the "Execute SQL" dialog:
    • (persistent!) history of executed statements
    • execute all kind of statements, not only SELECTs
    • load .sql files containing SQL scripts to execute
  • support UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE in graphical view
  • search and replace in SQL view
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