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This page will discuss the user interface for the AutoInput feature in Calc and Writer (also known as auto-completion.)

Status: Work in progress.

How it works

In Calc


In cell input mode or in edition mode when the cursor is at the end of the field.


The content of a cell above the edited cell, if not a formula.

The name of named ranges (see Issue 73997 ) in formula edition or input mode.

In Writer


Issues with discoverability

  • The name of the feature do not seems to match the name the user use to talk about the feature (auto-completion).
  • In Calc, the option is located in Tools > Cell content > AutoInput. This is illogical since the feature does not deal with cell content, but about the method used to input that content. See Issue 40908 , Issue 17505 and Issue 93483 .
  • There is no feedback telling what happened after completion, so in many cases (such as Issue 47848 ) the user do not understand the feature: how and when it works.

Issues with navigation

Issues with capitalization

Inconsistency between Calc and Writer

Inconsistency with auto-complete features from other products

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