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IssueZilla contains many open issues relating to the art project. Most of these have either already been addressed or rendered obsolete by time (many of the issues are still from 2006!). This page lists all issues with the Art project specified as their subcomponent. The issues are organized into 4 sections:

  • Should be closed - self explanatory :)
  • What happened to these? - for issues that seem to have had no resolution for a long time, or contain graphics that don't seem to have seen the light of day within the OOo project.
  • Move to Wiki - Some issues are acting as image galleries - the wiki is a much more suitable and user-friendly place for these things.
  • Need Clarification - For issues that are vague or don't seem related to the Art project

Should be closed

88948 Old proposal for OOo3 splash screen.
84612 Relates to the phrase "Help us testing" on download.OOo being agrammatical. Was fixed a while ago.
79238 Relates to gradient in OOo 2.0 splash screen. No longer relevant.
75886 Relates to orange download button for a dev build.
75635 Relates to graphics for download.OOo which have been subsequently replaced.
72732 Alexandro has already proposed that this issue be closed. Relates to logo for the PyUNO Framework.
72332 Relates to OOo 2 logo version number changes in late 2006.
71127 Relates to birthday cake graphic for OOo's 6th birthday.

What Happened to These?

85314 A CD label for OOo 2 - is this official, or just a proposed slogan?

Move to Wiki


Need Clarification

89312 Something about bbCode and HTML - appears unrelated to Art project
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