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Desktop Wallpapers

Follow these guidelines when submitting artwork please:

  • Any Desktop Wallpapers are welcome, try to use the format given here:
  • For common use please create and submit art work at a 1024 x 786 size or above.
  • If it is not above these sizes try to say what computer or what type of computer it would be used for.
  • Keep images in a medium sized box so that we don't have massive images stretching the page.
  • If an author has multiple submissions please use a header with your name and/or username.

What to list in the image description box:

  • Wallpaper Name (if any)
  • Description
  • Full Image Size
  • Special Intentions if not above 1024 x 786 size
  • Author
  • License

Austin Martin

OOo in Space

"Birds in Space", 1200x800, Austin Martin, PDL[1] license
"Birds in Space", Without the OOo Logo, 1200x800, Austin Martin, PDL[2] license
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