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This is the place to feed in ideas, artwork, and anything else you want people to comment on, develop, or collaborate in. However please keep anything below this bar.

Updating the OOo3 SplashScreen to follow the mimetype icon colorscheme

The official OOo3 SplashScreen doesn't use the new colorscheme for the mimetype icons.

Therefore we're working on updating the splashscreen:

Actual Splash Screen
modified colored points and gradient

The source of the modified version is here.
I updated the aboutbox and the installer too:

Aboutbox with updated colored points
Installer with added colored points

added spheres instead of points - avoiding the problem of similar colors to background. Brighter blue main icon color.

Splash screen with spheres

Alternative by Jens Habermann

Removed the points and included the colors in the curved line

Splash screen alternative
Another Splash screen alternative

We're discussing on the mailing list how much the splash screen may be modified while respecting the commmunity's vote.

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