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As most of you know, OOo is a complex and big software system. Many lines of code are implemented in various programming languages, including BASIC, C, C++, Java, and more (perl, make, ANT, ...), if one counts the build system or tests as being part of OOo. Obviously, it is necessary to follow some kinds of guidance, rules, principles or constraints, to make it work seemingly and to make it understandable. Wikipedia gives a good understanding, of what a Software Architecture can or should be. Software Architecture


Software Documentation

In this section you find a new approach in documenting the Software Architecture or the Code Of OpenOffice. The old Documentation has been structured around Ideas, people and TODOS. This section follows an as is approach and explain approach. Please follow following rules when you contribute to this section:

  1. No mention of names. The Wiki will log your contribution, that should be sufficient.
  2. Describe from a neutral viewpoint. Avoid Sentences that has describe from an personal view.

Main Following Draw file shows some grafical overviews how each modules are linked together. The current version depends on the build system configs. File:Dependency graph trunc.odg

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