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List of efforts needed to create an arabized

Meta issue to track open Arabic issues, in some of these issue the keyword arabic has been set.

What issues need to be fixed if we want to have an arabized ? Please take a look at the following issues:

32289 Arabic shaping/joinging is broken after a dot or a floating point in the dialog boxes
22396 Can't Use both Hindi and Arabic Numerals
28203 error in justified Arabic text
30334 Slide view in RTL presentation is LTR
31655 wrong auto-complete for Hebrew text
37195 Handout display is always LTR
14365 SCalc chart text boxes doesn't allow bidirectionality in charts
16242 When setting a paragraph style, there is no preview of the hebrew/arabic font
59837 Text boxes in Insert Table dialog are disabled in Arabic UI
34141 Extra horizontal lines added after Arabic letters
60594 A cutting spacenig in the Justified Arabic paragraph
78451 font effect on Arabic words
30160 formulas displayed inciorrectly in sheet imported from excel
78453 if the user chooses to use a whole word as a drop cap, the drop caps dialog preview will show incorrectly
78455 use an arabic font for arabic text
73707 Preview of Autoformatted table incorrect in RTL
78463 Alignment in Spreadsheet columns
78466 Default currency list box in Arabic localized version dn't display '(' correctly
78469 Save DLG in Arabic SO do not place the " and . correclty
78474 Font effect "small capitals" change the Arabic font size in dialog preview
78475 Formatting part of ligature
78476 Alignment in Calc
78477 RTL Chart

If you know another prerequisite then please add it to this list.

added from --Mh 14:55, 10 July 2007 (CEST)

16295 directionality lost when exporting a presentation to text
17624 Arabic Tashkeel (a.k.a. Diactric) bug : ZWSP characters are given spaces!
30631 R2L enabled controls(139 votes)
32179 parenthesis are revesersed when they have arabic text in between in the dialog boxes
34139 Gaps between Arabic letters that should be joined
34309 outline numbers in Arabic are reversed

23041 Arabic Character Rotation Does Not Work (trl text in ltr paragraph)

newly added issues

79431 Arabic languagepack identifies as "Unknown"


Currently there are only Arabic locales for Egypt and Tunisia. The PanAfrl10n wiki lists the following that are missing:

76347 Add locale data for Arabic (Morocco) - ar_MA
Algeria, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Western Sahara

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