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This page documents the history of's Aqua port. It was derived from the historical section of the AquaBuild page.

Child Work Spaces Integrated into's main trunk

Integrated in m20 DEV300 

Integrated in m15 DEV300 

Integrated in m8 DEV300 

Integrated in m6 DEV300 

Integrated in m2 DEV300 

concerned modules : automation avmedia connectivity default_images desktop filter framework instsetoo_native jvmfwk lingucomponent officecfg sal sc scp2 sfx2 shell vcl

Concerned module : fpicker sfx2 solenv svtools

Concerned modules: offapi, vcl, sfx2, svtools, sw

Integrated m248 SRC680 

Concerned modules : dtrans svtools vcl

Integrated m247 SRC680 

Concerned modules: desktop instsetoo_native scp2 setup_native solenv sysui vcl

Integrated in m243 SRC680 

  • CWS SRC680 stl4leopardppc   : allow to be built on Mac OS X 10.5 PowerPC using system stl, using --without-stlport4 configure option.

If possible, continue with other builds (Leopard / Tiger Intel and PowerPC).

Concerned modules : connectivity, cosv, fpicker, autodoc

concerned modules : desktop vcl rsc shell svx sw solenv instsetoo_native

Integrated in m239 SRC680 

Concerned modules : avmedia scp2 vcl

Integrated in m238 SRC680 

Concerned module : instsetoo_native

Integrated in m237 SRC680 

Concerned modules : sw , solenv

Concerned modules : idlc soltools jvmfwk extensions stlport

Integrated in m233 SRC680 

concerned module : readlicense_oo

concerned modules are desktop, instsetoo_native, solenv, svtools, vcl

Concerned modules: extensions, scp2

Integrated in m229 SRC680 

concerned modules are : scp2, dbaccess, extensions, connectivity

Concerned modules: lingucomponent, solenv

concerned modules are : desktop, vcl, fpicker, libxmlsec, xmlsecurity, basic

Integrated in m228 SRC680 

Concerned modules: np_sdk

Integrated in m227 SRC680 

concerned module: instsetoo_native

Integrated in m223 SRC680 :

Integrated in m222 SRC680  :

Integrated in m221 SRC680 :

Integrated in m217 SRC680 :

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