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* akhva AT openoffice DOT org
* akhva AT openoffice DOT org
* hi AT openoffice DOT org
* hi AT openoffice DOT org
* [[Matthias Müller-Prove]]
==== Product Owner ====
==== Product Owner ====

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A group of OOo engineers tries out Agile Development methodologies at the example of implementing a PDF-Import for OOo.

This page works as an anchor to find information related to this project/experiment.


From 5.11.2007 until Xmas.

Regular Meetings

Daily Scrum: 13:40 - 13:55


  1. 8.11. - 19.11. (Thu.-Mon.)
  2. 20.11. - 3.12. (Tue.-Mon.)
  3. 4.12. - 17.12. (Tue.-Mon.)

1st Iteration Special Meetings

Planning: 8.11. 10:30-12:00
Teaminternal Planning: 8.11. 12:30-14:00
Review: 19.11. 12:00-14:00
Teaminternal Retrospective: 19.11. 15:00-17:00


Product Backlog

- (Link to the Product Backlog page for this project) -

Example and description of a Product Backlog

Hints for the Product Backlog Maintainer

Characteristics of User Stories

User stories shall be "INVESTed":

  • independent
  • negotiable
  • valuable
  • estimable
  • small
  • testable

Iteration Backlogs

(Link to the Iteration Backlog pages)

Agile Methodology

Agile Manifesto

English descriptions

German descriptions (as most team members are german, these may be useful)

Suggested Practices to Adopt

  • Scrum roles (Product Owner, Team, Scrum master)
  • Colocation
  • Team that includes definition, code-writing and testing together
  • Time Boxing
  • Continuous testing
  • Short, fixed-time iterations
  • Daily (or more frequent) integration + builds
  • "Scope" is variable <=> "time", "cost" and "quality" are fix.
  • Regular reflection

Scrum "Smells": Hints that something goes wrong

  • Loss of Rhythm - Sprints are not always the same length.
  • Talking Chickens - Non team members talk at daily scrums.
  • Missing Pigs - Not all (fully assigned) team members attend the daily scrum.
  • Persistent Signatures - Progress charts in later iterations look as fluctuative as in the first iterations.
  • ScrumMaster Assigns Work - In planning, the scrum master assigns work, instead of the developers signing up.
  • The Daily Scrum is For the ScrumMaster - Daily scrums feel like reporting sessions to the scrum master.
  • Specialized Job Roles - A project team has highly specialized job roles ("architect", "tester" etc.)



  • Thorsten Behrens, thb AT openoffice DOT org
  • akhva AT openoffice DOT org
  • hi AT openoffice DOT org
  • Matthias Müller-Prove

Product Owner

Agile Methodology Facilitator

  • Nikolai Pretzell, np AT openoffice DOT org


Writer/ToDo/PDF Import

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