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'''AODL features list'''
'''AODL features list'''

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AODL features list

  • Reading, editing, creating and saving documents in the OpenDocument text format (TextDocument class).
  • Reading, editing, creating and saving documents in the OpenDocument spreadsheet format (SpreadsheetDocument class).
  • ParagraphBuilder class, this class offer several methods for the creation of often used Paragraphs types.
  • TableBuilder class, this class offer several methods for the creation of often used Table types.
  • TextBuilder class, this class offer several methods for the simple creation of ITextCollections that will be used within a Paragraph.
  • SizeConverter class, this class offer size conversation and size type conversation methods for height and width properties of AODL OpenDocument objects.
  • Colors class, this class offer the possibility to convert any .net system color to the corresponding color used in any document in the OpenDocument format.
  • Support for common styles. These are e.g used by OpenOffice as style templates.
  • Reading and writing of the documents metadata.
  • Full Paragraph support incl. Paragraphstyle and Paragraphproperties.
  • Full Header support incl. Headerstyle and Proeperties.
  • List support (number and bullet) support incl. Liststyle and Listproperties.
  • Full Table of Contents support incl. Sectionstyles.
  • Full Table support with nested table up to any depth and cellmerging support.
  •      - Full support for Rows incl. Rowstyle and Rowproperties.
         - Full support for Columns incl. Columnstyle and Columnproperties.
         - Full support for Cells incl. Cellstyle and Cellproperties.      
  • Text support incl. Textstyle and textproperties.
  •      - Simple Text
         - Formated text
         - Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Textcontrol Whitespaces, Tabstops and Linebreaks.
  • XLink support (Hyperlinks for www, email, ftp,.. ).
  • Full Bookmark support (Standard, End and Start).
  • Graphic support, graphics could be used as simple embed graphic or as a Illustration with a sorounding DrawTextBox.
  • Drawframe support. The draw frame is the standard container object for draw objects and graphics. Incl. Graphicstyle and Graphicproperties.
  • Imagemap support with DrawAreaRectangle and DrawAreaCircle.
  • DrawTextBox support.
  • Officescripts support. Office scripts could be used within a image map.
  • Deep cloning of AODL content objects. Deep clones from most of the IContent implementations like Tables, Paragraphs could be simply created by calling the clone method.
  • The Unknown content pattern. The unknown content implementation is available for Styles, Content and Text. All content that will be read from a OpenDocument file which isn't implemented yet will be mapped to a UnknownContent, UnknownTextContent resp. a UknownStyle object. All these implementation has a public property Node which made it easy to analyze the OpenDocument format inside. At least this solution make it possible to load and write files back without loosing any style or content information.
  • OpenDocument Importer interface. This interface let you easily writing your own importer implementations. Existing standard implementation of IImporter
  •      - PlainTextImporter (TextDocument only)
         - CsvImporter (SpreadsheetDocument only)
         - OpenDocumentImporter all document types.      
  • OpenDocument Exporter interface. This interface let you easily writing your own exporter implementations. Existing standard implementation of IExporter
  •      - OpenDocumentExporter all document types.
         - HtmlExporter all document types.
         - PDF export for text documents (early beta and TextDocument only)
  • Helper class LinesStyles (possible Linestyles), Border (possible Border) and FontFamilies (about 100 fonts).
  • Print documents via the included OpenOfficeLib (This is feature is embed in seperate dll and is the only feature which need an existing OpenOffice installation.)
  • Master style pages support
  • Office forms support
  • Fields support
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