3rd Mac porters meeting

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Friday 16th May 2008 and Saturday 17th May 2008. You have until Wednesday 16th April 2008 to object to that date: [1]

2 days in the end of April or first half of May. At least 10 days notice is required prior to the date being set for our VIP.

Use Meet-o-matic to find the best date.[2]

The following dates are not possible (chronological order):

  • 19/20th April [3]
  • 8-11th May [4]


Sun's Hamburg Offices Nagelsweg 55, 20097 Hamburg [5]

How to get there?

The 3rd Mac porters meeting will be held at the Sun office in Hamburg. A german description to get there can be found here: [6]


This is a meetup of all the main Mac port developers in Sun's Hamburg offices. With the help of someone very knowledgeable on developing Mac OS X applications, in particular porting from Carbon to Cocoa.

Where to stay

Lodging Proposals

These examples are from http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Hamburg_2008_-_F2F_Meeting


Please add to the list anyone who is looking to attend.

  • Apple VIP
  • Shaun McDonald (Depends on work)
  • Florian Heckl (if we find a more suitable weekend or via video conference)
  • Stephan Schaefer
  • Philipp Lohmann
  • Herbert Duerr

What to Fix

This is a list of things that need to be fixed. Links to issues are useful. As many "stuck" or no Apple developer documentation things as possible. You may well want to take a look at Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Roadmap for ideas

Suggestion: add your name between [ ]if you want to manage, or participate to some topic in particular.

e.g. preparing links, documentation entries, design for the concerned code .. and so on

  • Compile on Intel for PPC (if time UB) [ ]
  • Proxy icon in the title bar [ ]
  • Use of the apple remote, especially for presentations [7]
  • Printing to PDF to keep links in the same way as iWork does it. [8]
  • Translating the native dialogs to the Community supported languages (that Apple doesn't support).
  • Compiling on Leopard to run on Tiger. Note: QuickLook plugin ( from quicklookplugin01 cws) builds on tiger [9]
  • Import/Export of iWork documents [10]
  • Signing OpenOffice.org .app bundle.
  • Localize the voice for accessibility features ? (only english available for Voice Over at the moment)
  • Implement the native Color Picker

The future of Mac OS X port

Implement Mac OS X Canvas, using Core Graphics

Context: Cairo does use Carbon, and the future of Carbon is compromised with the next coming version of Mac OS X. Second, there is a work in progress to implement a new layout, and get rid of current layout thing in vcl. The name of the cws to be analyzed is layoutdialogs, and is based on DEV300 Master work space.

Todo: marry the new layout engine and implement the missing canvas, to obtain a real rendering on Mac OS X.

Work in Progress: Thorsten Behrens proposed an application on Education Project Effort page: Write a new Canvas

Expected result: antialiasing and OpenGL transitions become available

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