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*Hungarian post: Kami
*Hungarian post: Kami
*German post: Florian(?)
*German post: Florian(?)
*Netherlands: cornouws
= Hosting a Worldwide Event  =
= Hosting a Worldwide Event  =

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OOo Marketing Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.



Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


A Note

Please add all your ideas to this wiki page. Having ideas in the mailing list archives is good, but it's much better to have a compilation in the wiki for easy reference.

Personalized Stamps

  • producing personalized stamps with OOo logo
  • Hungarian post: Kami
  • German post: Florian(?)
  • Netherlands: cornouws

Hosting a Worldwide Event

  • Set up a venue in each country, or even several venues per country
  • Link all of those with video conferencing
  • If it's multinational, talk about something multinational, e.g. localisations

Do a Countdown

  • Count down the days to our anniversary (October 13th) from OOoCon on
  • Issue something every week, e.g.
    • Monday: business case
    • Friday: community insight
  • use videos

Countdown Timeline

  • Week 36 - launch - (Tuesday, August 31, 2010 – Friday, September 3, 2010) - OOoCon
  • Week 37 -
  • Week 38 - highlight - (Saturday, September 18) Software Freedom Day
  • Week 39 -
  • Week 40 -
  • Week 41 -
  • Week 42 - finale (Wednesday, October 13) - OOo Turns Ten!


  • Encourage magazines to have a special 10-year-anniversary isuse
    • BrOffice magazine
    • Ubuntu FullCircle
    • Free Software Magazine
  • Make interviews with the community (Charles Schulz currently does some)

Questions to ask

  • What do you expect from OOo?
  • What did OOo give you?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How they use OOo in regular activities?
  • What has been the biggest advantage from using it?
  • How they got started using OOo and why?
  • What they expect from an office suite ten years from now?
  • Where did you first see OOo and when?
  • When did you first install a copy of OOo and on what?
  • How many upgrades have you been through and where did you source them?
  • One item of advice for the marketers, developers and new users!
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